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Best Yoga Retreats in India

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Best Yoga Retreats in India
2 Jan

Best Yoga Retreats in India

Are you looking for best yoga retreats in India?

We at B2B Hospitality provide you full information about Yoga tourism in India and helped you to book best yoga retreats in India.

Yoga is far beyond just relaxing your body in fancy studio. Yoga is a way of life that leads to liberation. The ultimate goal of yoga is to achieve union between the individual consciousness (atma) and the universal divine (paramatma). India is inventor of this divine practice hence many yoga retreats is located here. Majority of these yoga retreats in India are founded by revered gurus (teachers) in India. We at B2B hospitality promoting yoga tourism in India since our inception and organized many yoga tours four our beloved guests in recent past. Based on our experience and expertise in yoga tourism in India we compiled the list of best yoga retreats in India that you can visit and learn this majestic art -

  1. Bihar School of Yoga, Munger (Bihar) - This modern yoga retreat is founded by Satyananda Saraswati- a well-known yoga teacher worldwide. Apart from yoga learning you can spend time in seva (community service) which include cleaning the surrounding and gardening.

  2. International Center for Yoga Education and Research, Puducherry – A well-known institute for yoga learning offers most traditional yoga training in India. Many international yoga enthusiasts come here every year to learn and master yoga.

  3. Goa – Apart from party culture and amazing food Goa also known for quality yoga training and yoga retreats. Many recognized centers and schools started their operation for yoga teaching in recent past.

  4. Kerala – God’s own country is famous for Yoga retreats and yoga tourism in India. Many Ashrams, Schools, Yoga retreat centers and Yoga resorts are located in various part of Kerala especially in Kochhi.

  5. Uttarakhand – Most beautiful state of India known for forest, mountains and rivers is hub for yoga tourism in India nowadays. You can find yoga retreats in Rishikesh, Haridwar and hill stations like mussorrie.

  6. Himachal Pradesh – Whether it is Shimla or kullu Manali all tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh is full of tourist throughout the year. Apart from white mountains and trekking Yoga is another major attraction for international tourist here.

Above are some best yoga retreats in India. For more information on yoga tourism in India or book a yoga tour packages contact B2B Hospitality today!