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Full Day Bollywood Tours Mumbai

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Full Day Bollywood Tours Mumbai
14 Apr

Full Day Bollywood Tours Mumbai

When we talk about Bollywood the first thing first its base “Mumbai”!!!

Mumbai or formally known as Bombay is home to Hindi film industry and has film studios dotted all across the city. Hundreds of blogs and websites tell Mumbai travelers the best places to visit, but for someone with just one day for Mumbai experience, here are some tips from B2B Hospitality to plan full day Bollywood tour.

Bollywood Tour Package

Mumbai is a sprawling city with overcrowded public transport, so the task of seeing all of the more iconic Bollywood studios, locations and film set in one day was a daunting one. We at B2B Hospitality organizing full day Bollywood tour for our international guest since many years and have pool of dedicated guides. Our guide will meet you just after your breakfast and brief you about Bollywood, iconic places, and detailed tour plan. We have multiple route plans hence Mumbai traffic is unpredictable and we don’t want you to stuck in traffic and waste lots of time. Our Bollywood tour package include studio visit, iconic location visit and crowd experience outside super star’s bunglow like Manaat (Sharuk Khan), Galaxy Apartments (Salman Khan) and Pratiksha (Amitabh bacchan). Apart from this we will take you to iconic studios where block buster movies shot and provide you great introduction to the behind the scenes world of Bollywood movie magic.

Bollywood is all about music, song and dance and if one misses the sound studio visit then the full day Bollywood tour experience is uncountable. You’ll also get to visit a famous sound stage and see how the block buster music composed for Bollywood films. We also conduct Bollywood dance show where you will see typical Bollywood dancing style.

The Final Say!

As a leading Bollywood tour package provider B2B Hospitality put comfort on top priority hence our team will make all the bookings and tickets in advance. Post lunch we will organize visit down to Bollywood Bazaar, a shop on Mutton Street in Chor Bazaar that has been selling Indian film industry memorabilia for over 65 years. So don’t miss the opportunity and book your full day Bollywood tour today!