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India Travel Tips – Things to know before visiting India

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India Travel Tips
10 Nov

India Travel Tips – Things to know before visiting India

Travellers planning a trip to India will no doubt be aware of all the big attraction – Amazing Taj Mahal, he white sands of Goa's beaches, beautiful pink city, historical capital New Delhi, peaceful environment of Kerala and sand dunes of Rajasthan. We at B2B hospitality Pvt. Ltd. – leading travel agents in India company have just named few popular tourist destinations in India however the India is a hidden treasure of amazing tourist destinations.

Obviously you must be looking for India Travel Tips?

In India we treat our guest as a god and hence compiled few India travel tips, hacks and shortcuts to help you enjoy travelling around the incredible India.

  1. India’s Landscapes Are Very Diverse - India is the 7th largest country in the world and spans multiple climactic zones. Due to huge geography the weather of different parts of India is different and hence you have to plan which part of India you are visiting. The climate of south India is bit warm compare to north and north east India. You can get everything in this large geography like amazing beaches; wide spread sand dunes, dense forests, series of mountains and large fields. Plan your India travel as per your interest and choice of destination.
  2. Avoid Spicy street food - Indian street food is delicious however it is too spicy for foreigners. If you have weak digestion system does not try street food. Eat exclusively from respectable restaurants and food outlets. There are many international restaurants and cuisines available which are equally delicious.
  3. Shopping Tips in India – India is great place to shop from lots of antic and attracting things are available in India like – statues, gif items, handicraft articles, clothes and jewelry. It is always advice to buy from authentic stores and showrooms. You may get lots of shop in hotel itself with authentic India things. India is becoming digital and you can pay from your credit cards so do not worry about cash.
  4. Local Transport tips – India is bit difficult for local transport due to large population density however all major cities have good local transport system e.g. metro and city buses. You can opt any taxi services also like Ola and Uber for a ride.
  5. Travel Agency Selection – It is the most important and critical part of your India travel. There are many small and big travel agents in India. Your travel agents make a lot of difference while touring India. A right travel agent will guide you for every small thing in most cost effective manner and hence you can save lots of money. B2B Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best among travel agents in India.

Above are some very common India travel tips to know more about India tour packages and booking with B2B Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. contact us or write us today.