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Indore, an amazing location for business tourists!

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madhya pradesh Tour packages
27 Feb

Indore, an amazing location for business tourists!

The Food City Beckons Whether you are a business traveler with a little free time for exploration or a leisure traveler, Indore's inviting attractions to make for an itinerary oozing gastronomic treat, and architectural marvels. Indore Tour is something you haven't thought of, yet is a mesmerizing experience.


madhya pradesh Tour packages There are so many places in Indore to eat but there's no place like Sarafa Bazaar to gorge on Indore's famed street food. Dahi vada, Jalebi (king-sized jalebis), Tawa pulao, malpuas, Poha, garadu chaat (a sweet and sour dish made of yam), Khopra patties (potato patties stuffed with coconut), and lots more can be enjoyed at this vibrant market.


madhya pradesh holiday packages Travel to Indore to explore the magnificient architecture as for architecture buffs, the city boasts the Holkar dynasty's Lalbagh Palace, the Rajwada Palace, and the Chhatris. Another architectural gem is the mesmerizing Kanch Mandir, a Jain temple. The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is worth the trek if you are in the mood for a day-trip.


madhya pradesh tour Head to Topkhana Market to pick up souvenirs such as terracotta idols. Do not forget to pack some namkeen. Choose from dal moth, bhujia, sev and dhania-chivda. Shop for Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees (visit Mrignayani, the state-run handicraft boutique).


madhya pradesh tripLet us start with the sweet, shall we? Not your regular jalebi, a jaleba is king-sized and better. This humongous dessert is something you'll find in the lanes of Sarafa Bazaar. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, soaked in ghee and sugar syrup this treat spells indulgence. One jalebi can be easily shared amongst 3-4 people unless you have a massive sweet tooth and want to savor it all by yourself.

Poha Jalebi

madhya pradesh sightseeingThis dish may not really set your taste buds tingling but you need to savor it as this is indeed a legendary combination. Flattened processed rice is roasted with chilies, onions, mustard, cumin seeds, and curry leaves. What makes it different is a generous sprinkling of sev on top. A side of jalebi is what sets this Indori snack apart. The sweet-savory combo packs a punch. .

Bhutte Ka Kees

mp tourism khajurahoA popular street delight, you'd probably want to ditch your regular corn on the cob once you've tasted the mildly-flavored bhutte ka kees. Think mashed corn with a dash of masala, this melt-in-your-mouth bhutte ka kees is cooked in milk until it is creamy. Often, it is garnished with shredded coconut and a dash of lemon juice. Many vendors throughout the city stock this delectable dish but the ones in Sarafa Bazaar are especially noteworthy.

Pani Puri

madhya pradesh itinerary Pani puri. Gol gappe. Puchka. This popular snack is known by different names and is loved universally. Indore takes it up a notch, true to its nature. In Sarafa Bazaar, you'll find a few vendors selling as many as 12 flavors of Pani puri. Do try jeera and if you're brave enough, garlic-flavored water. This may or may not suit your palate, but hey, at least you will have a story to talk about back home!

Khopra Patties

mp tourist places list Indore food has influences from the adjoining states but it is also a unique amalgamation of flavors and distinct dishes. One example is Khopra patties. Vijay Chaat House in Chappan Dukan is particularly known for this brilliant snack. Potato cutlets stuffed with desiccated coconut and dried fruits served with some coriander or tamarind chutney. Have your fill as the owner engages you in conversation.


madhya pradesh Tour packages Don't miss eating at Johny Hot Dog. Only last year, this snack was declared as the most popular menu item in all of Asia Pacific, according to Uber Eats APAC Restaurant Partners Awards 2019. A far cry from a traditional hot dog, think of this vegetarian version as a love child of a burger and the sandwich. Often sold out by early evening, you need to make a quick dash to this place if you want to grab a bite. Though Indore is quite popular for business travelers as it is often considered to be the topmost place for conferences, Indore is a treat overall. Book your Indore Tour Package and let's get flying.