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Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India

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Offbeat Honeymoon Destination In India
4 May

Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India

A honeymoon is the one trip on which many couples blow the budget and tick places off their bucket list. But it requires serious thought. Visiting with your partner in an offbeat honeymoon destination in India can be an amazing idea.

By this blog post we at B2B hospitality are giving a list of offbeat honeymoon destinations in India for couples who love staying close to each other, and closer to the nature. You may have heard of the places that are to be mentioned in this blog post while a few others may come as a surprise to you. These are some of the most offbeat honeymoon destinations in India meant only for those who wish to start their wedding life at a pristine, slightly secluded places that have unmatched beauty

Gokarna, Karnataka

Tired of slefies and flashes coming out of overcrowded honeymoon beach destinations like Goa, Daman& Diu? Are you hunting for a brisk wind while you will be on a journey of romance? Welcome to the unexplored, quiet and snuggly beaches of Gokarna. When you friends and newly married mates struggle with throng to get some solitary time in popular honeymoon destinations, you will get a whole time in universe at your disposal to get cosy with your beloved one in Gokarna. The tranquil atmosphere, moonlit sky at night and the bracing sea air are the soul of this place making it one of the best places to fall in love. The beach walk from Om beach (Gokarna beach shaped like holy Om) to Kudle beach is something an unparalleled walk while you embrace the never ending breeze and tides of Arabian Sea. To add more, if you are sport lover and wish to have something adventurous, the beach and water sports are also available to give a shot. You may also get temporary shacks for yourselves to enjoy the night at beach itself. The sea is calm and safe to a couple to get their feet wet at shoreline. Imagine a honeymoon night best spend at shore in shack or hut while listening to the sound of waves! Well, the rest is up to the couple to make it perfect…

Haflong, Assam

If you have deep burning desire of spending quality honeymoon time on hills you may come across destinations where every second couple can think off. Shimla, Darjeeling, Ooty, Naninital to name few. How about the place more beautiful, peaceful, natural in all senses, away from crowd where the couple can actually claim that they are alone to enjoy themselves? Hafflong – The Switzerland of East is the place to be where the nature breaths will freshness. God might have curated the beauty only to pleasure honeymooners. The green paradise will never disappoint you with the nonpareil beauty it has. The area is covered with lavishing multi-coloured flowers under the pure blue sky with naturally filtered air. Just plant this thought in your mind - waking up in the morning with your soul mate in such a refreshing atmosphere. You want to live that moment han…!! Haflong is actually a lot more than this to amaze you and your partner. No other hill station in the country can offer the scenic beauty of emerald green colour rivers surrounded by blue and green hills. The amazing beauty also offers number of sites and scenes to be photographed off. The place is actually a heaven for those couple who wish to be in peace and calm away from all hustle from city life which is actually a part of other famous tourist destinations. Romance would get to its peak when a couple reach the HaflongLake along with Orchid gardens, Borail range, Jatinga, maibong etc. Couples who wish to do some exciting stuff as well long with enjoying the calmness of nature, tracking, paragliding and bird watching are few must do things available at Haflong. The gateway to romance, Haflong is providing a majestic view of Himalayan range while lovers start boating – the view cannot be put into words!!!

Jawai, Rajasthan

Want to get wild with wilds? Jawai is more than ready to host you at the heart of Rajasthan. The place provides an opportunity of adventurous honeymoon in a lavish style. Jawai is a well-known destination for wilderness. At the foot of Aravali hills, the nature’s gift is largely remains unexplored. Jawai is the best place to spot leopards in Rajasthan where the cats have developed an organic understanding with humans to live and prosper along. The place welcomes you to leopard spotting experience at dry forest of Aravalli mountains under crystal clear sky. Jawai has a Jawai Dam – a water reservoir nearby; one of the largest in Rajasthan. You can take jeep safari to explore dam and the nearby areas. The reservoir is home of migrated birds during the winter. The Flamingo birds and Sarus crane are the main attraction during November to February along with fifty other species.

The couple can set themselves free to roam around villages and explore the local cuisine and culture. The community nearby towns and villages are always welcoming their guests. To explore more, couples have option to opt for jeeps or may take the guidance from local Rabariherdsman. The place is also widely appreciated for the distinctive artwork of mirrored and whitewashed mud sculpture. Couples can also explore the wool spinners, embroidery and beadwork to decorate their wedding life from the beginning. Apart from wildlife the terrain is surrounded by craggy caves and mountain rocks. Many resorts offer the same as their hotel background if you opt for tents for stay – something you can cherish only in Jawai, Rajasthan. Couples can take a cultural break as well and visit nearby UNESCO site of Kumbhagarh Fort. The best time to visit Jawai is November to February.


Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Exploring the lesser known things has been a trend among newly married couples and accepts the fact that you are no different. The excitement of being in wonderland with our dream partner is always fascinates us. If you wish your honeymoon to be on similar line then get ready for journey to the virgin plains Spiti Valley in Himalayan range. Standing tall away from the other populated tourist destinations like Shimla &Manali in Himachal Pradesh, the Valley is a cold mountain desert making it a perfect location for couples to cuddle on their dream trip.  The Valley is known as closest neighbour of high altitude Ladhakh having similar terrain. The various adventures like hiking, sightseeing of cold deserts and surroundings with zero level of pollution makes it most attractive place to be when a couple wants to run way for solitude. The high altitude desert is home of UNESCO world heritage site of Tabo Monetary which is 1000 year. The couple would discover an awe-inspiring artefacts and frescos which cannot be found at any other place. Another attraction include Dhankar castle where local kings have established their capital. Due to natural erosion that taking place, the sight will no longer be there to be appreciated in coming years. With some stride forward the couples can get to the Dhankarlake at the top of the mountain; this mesmerising scene will be there in your mind till eternity. The couple will reach to the new height of their relationship as they travel to Langcha; the road to this administrative capital is one of the highest in world. The couple will be accompanied by the Spiti River while Shilla Valley falls on the way.

The nearby village of Kibber is home of Ki monastery at the height of 4120 meters. The journey to these places includes the spotting of local wildlife and offer great background for photography. A couple may also spot the snow leopard, very rare to find at any other high altitude destination. At further height of 4440 meters couple would surely admire the highest post office in the world at Hikkim Village. And hey… send a post card to all your loved ones from here… Facebook check ins are common nowadays. All of our frends and couples do but you could do this unique gesture by Getting back to the old times and send the postcards to let the world know what you have discovered at this amazing and unparalleled trip!!

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