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Tips for Solo Woman Traveler in India

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8 Dec

Tips for Solo Woman Traveler in India

In recent past there are few incident covered by international media and local Indian media about crime against women in India. Such type of stories creates fear among solo woman traveler in India however there is other part of the story as well. Despite the few horrible stories in the media over the last few years, you're quite safe from any real harm, because there are always lots of other people around.

India is huge country and second largest in population worldwide. Post independent the women condition in India was not that good and it took almost four decades to improve their condition .Like any other developing country Indian government and civil society is working hard towards women empowerment and rules has been made against crime against women. Due to aggressive media coverage it becomes perception that India is not that safe for solo woman traveler in India. However it is not true, India is very much safe and it can be a valuable lifetime experience for solo woman traveler in India. Being a leading travel agency in India we assure you that women can definitely travel alone and stay in hotels alone in India.

Like any other tourist destination worldwide some precautions you need to take as a solo woman traveler in India in order to encounter in inappropriate condition.

Solo Woman Travel Tips for India

  1. Dressing – It's totally understood that whatever we wear is for comfort but when travelling alone we don't need unwanted attention. Always watch what local woman wear and based on that you can choose out of your collection. A girl wearing a jean & t-shirt gets less attention than a girl wearing shorts in rural India. In order to avoid unwanted attention you can choose safety over comfort. However it is safe to wear shorts in metro cities of India.
  2. Mode of travel – Local travel is always important and you can choose services from well-known travel agents and travel agencies in India for local travel. B2B hospitality is renowned travel agency in India for solo woman traveler.
  3. Sunrise and Sunset Rule - Start you day at sunrise all tourist destinations are beautiful and less crowded during early morning. Don't go to any lonely place alone, especially in the evening or night. Crowded place are safe. So if you're mostly going to the famous tourist spots, it would be having a lot of people.
  4. Avoid Street Food – Street food is very common in India and it attracts tourist due to spicy taste and making style however it is always advisable to avoid street food. You can taste authentic India food in renowned restaurants or in hotel where you stay.
  5. Carry Your Mobile Always – Whether you are going for a tourist attraction or traveling via local transport carry your mobile with you. Indian police is very responsive against woman crime and you can call below numbers in case of any emergency.

“Women's Helpline (All India): 1091/1090”

We at B2B hospitality last year assisted 20+ solo woman traveler in India for their hospitality needs e.g. – Air tickets, Hotel Booking, Local transport, Escorted tours and educational tour. Contact us for more information.