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Tamilnadu Tourism

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Tamilnadu Tourism
17 Apr

Tamilnadu Tourism

When you have a passion for travel, you seem to be constantly looking for new places to go. For India traveler Tamilnadu can be the dream holiday destination hence it has so much to offer.

B2B Hospitality is organizing inbound tour since its inception in 2011; we have organized tours for our international traveler all across India. However one thing we observe that many international tourist are more interested in Tamilnadu tourism compare to other part of incredible India.

Tamilnadu is south Indian state and known for pilgrimage sites. Indian culture is always center of attraction for international traveler and you will find a superb glimpse of tradition and architecture. Tamilnadu tourism caters all interest and age group; one can plan a pilgrimage tour, beach holiday, yoga retreat or wildlife tour. Dravidian style architecture and Hindu temples are most famous tourist places in Tamilnadu.

Famous Tourist Places in Tamilnadu

As we mentioned that Tamilnadu boasts something for everyone. For culture vultures, shopaholics, food enthusiasts, party animals and water sports fanatics it’s a destination of limitless opportunity. Art is very less explored fact about Tamilnadu however With a compelling and varied arts scene, Tamilnadu is home to inspirational organizations and venues right across the cultural spectrum. As far as famous tourist places in Tamilnadu is concern there are plenty of destinations which includes –

  1. Chennai

  2. Coimbatore

  3. Madurai

  4. Tiruchirappalli

  5. Rameswaram

  6. Mamallapuram

  7. Kanchipuram

  8. Dharmapuri

  9. Kanya Kumari

  10. Salem

  11. Virudunagar

  12. Vellore

Above are some famous cities which one should must explore while having Tamilnadu tourism. We will write a separate blog about each cities tourist attraction. Exciting new events and major retail and leisure developments are changing the state like never before. Now is the time to visit Tamilnadu.

To know more about famous tourist places in Tamilnadu and plan your Tamilnadu tourism itinerary contact B2B Hospitality today.