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Tips for women travelling in India

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Tips for women travelling in India
1 Jan

Tips for women travelling in India

Are you planning a trip to India and worried about your security or safety as a solo or group women traveler this blog post is defiantly for you. We compile some handy tips for women traveling in India by our years of experience as leading travel agency.

India is an amazing country with population of 1.32 billion people. Recent reports in international and local media shows that crime against women especially sexual assault has increased. Despite of the fact that India is a huge country and the number reported in media is comparatively very low, Indian government authorities are working hard to ensure women safety in India. As a reputed travel agency in India who has conducted more than 100 solo female trips we assure you that traveling in India is very much safe for women.

It is the perception created by many travel blogger that women travellers often receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment by individuals or groups of men. However it is one side of coin and other bright part is not highlighted much which shows that women are treated like goddess in India and you can see majority of Indian population respect women. The best example you can see by yourself while traveling in Metro rail or any night club or pub. By keeping the few media reports about sexual assault we are providing some useful tips for women travelling in India.

  1. Stay connected – Share your local travel schedule constantly with your family, friend or travel agency. Do not go alone with any stranger claim to be expert or local guide and promises some adventure which is not mentioned in travel itinerary.

  2. Befriend and Hangout with known people – Maximum bad incident happened with foreign traveler in India is due to drug addiction or cheap entertainment activities. Some unsocial element tries to catch your attention by indulging you in illegal activities, do not entertain those elements and keep distance.

  3. Dress According to Situation – India is a diverse country where you will see local women wearing all kind of cloths from hot paints to sarees or burkha. It depends on the region and occasion mainly, so best tips for women travelling in India is dress up by observing local women to avoid extra attention.

  4. Take help from Police or Tourism Department - In case of any emergency or unavoidable situation try to contact local tourism department or police station. You can contact women helpline in local area as well for any help. 

Above are some useful tips for women travelling in India, we at B2B hospitality ensure you that booking with us will provide complete security and safety in India. For more information you can contact our friendly staff members.