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Tourist Attractions in Goa

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Tourist Attractions in Goa
9 Dec

Tourist Attractions in Goa

India's smallest state Goa is located on the western coast of the country, adjoining the Arabian Sea, which provides the beach holidays that Goa is internationally famous for. Goa is famously known as a party capital of India and major destination for domestic and international travelers. There are so many tourist attractions in Goa and you need sufficient time to explore the beauty of Goa.

As a leading travel agency in India B2B Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. have a wide range of Goa tour packages to choose from. For our traveler we are coming with list of amazing tourist attractions in Goa.

  1. Amazing Beaches – Goa is known for its beaches there are planet of beaches where you can relax and enjoy sun bathing. The best part about Goa beaches is they are equipped with lifeguards. Whether you are travelling with family or group of friends you can plan lots of beach activities with your dear ones.

  2. Night Life – As we mentioned that Goa is party capital of India and have a great party culture. There are so many clubs, pubs and hotels for party where you will get India’s best DJs and artists. Visit any Goa club and you will know why it is called party capital of India.

  3. Delicious Food – Goa is known for best Konkani food around the world. The Goa food is a mixture of lots of cultural values which include Konkani, British and of course French. We advise our traveler to eat sea food of Goa and you will remember the taste till your last breath.

  4. Water Sports – Goa is the cheapest water sports destination around the globe. Whether you want to drive wind surfing, white water rafting, angling to scuba diving or banana ride there are so many options to choose from. All sports activities are performed under the guidance of experts hence safe.

  5. Cruise Ride – There are so many travellers who always have cruise ride in their wish list. Goa is the place where you can fulfill your wish in most economical way by taking a cruise ride in Mandovi River. By taking the cruise ride you can explore famous tourist attractions in Goa like Adil Shah Palace, Panjim riverfront and old colonial buildings.

  6. Rich Heritage of Goa – We have listed so many places for fun however if you have historical thrust than Goa have so many for you. There are lots of churches and forts in Goa Basilica of Bom Jesus, Aguada Fort and Se Cathedral.

  7. Shopping – If you are in Goa and haven’t explore local market than it is not consider the complete Goa trip. Every Wednesday, all of Goa, or at least, most of it, seems to be heading to Anjuna’s weekly Wednesday market. You will get lots of stuff there in local market as well which you can carry as memento from India.

There are so many other activities and tourist attractions in Goa which you will see while landing in Goa. B2B Hospitality will help you to arrange you Goa tour package.

For more information about Goa and major tourist attractions in India keep reading our blog.