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Travel Medical Packing List to India

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Travel Medical Packing List to India
16 Dec

Travel Medical Packing List to India

Safety is so important when travelling to any international destination and it's always a big dilemma deciding what to carry and, what to leave behind depending on type and duration of your India trip. We all know that having the right first aid supplies on hand allows you to treat injuries correctly and reduce the risk of complications. Being a leading inbound tour operator in India B2B Hospitality value your health and from our past experiences with our foreign guest we would like to help you with travel medical packing list to India. We will give you the list we usually ask our guests to carry in the time of need while traveling in India. Your travel medical packing list to India will start from the travel first aid kit, in that it should contain useful medical items to help you to stay comfortable and safe. The travel first aid kit will enables you to look after yourself in the case of any medical emergency.

Travel First Aid Kit

As far as medical facilities is concern in India; It is very good and the biggest testimonial of this is our medical tourism growth in recent past. You will get major hospitals and health care facility on each destination you travel however a travel first aid kit will help you till the time you reach to nearest hospital in case of any unwanted emergency. Tourist who are planning to explore adventure activities like trekking, wildlife tour, river rating and cycling should carry following –

  • Antiseptic solution

  • Bandages/swab’s Cotton Gauze Swab

  • Insect sting relief pads/cream

  • Sun/Burn relief pack

  • Anti-nauseating Tablets

  • Anti-allergic Tablets

  • Tourniquet

  • Oral Rehydration Salt pouch

B2B Hospitality is a just call away for any medical emergency to our valuable guest. All our adventure and wildlife tour are escorted and took place under the expert guidance hence you do not need to worry about your safety. However it is always to be safe than sorry so travel first aid kit is essential while travelling. Our local representative and tour experts will guide you more about specific location while travelling.

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