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Travel Company in India

At B2B (Better to Best) Hospitality, We want to plan your holiday as if it were our own.

Our History

Our Inbound travel division was established in 2011, operating under B2B Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., an Indian travel agency located in the heart of India, New Delhi. We are staffed by a team of highly-experienced and dedicated travel and tourism industry professionals embracing the values of Client Care, Respect & Honesty; directing our behavior and business interactions.

What We Do?

As a leading Indian travel agency we at B2B Hospitality provide everything a traveller required for their India tour; from air travel and accommodation, to transport, visas and conference packages and travel insurance. We recognize that everyone’s definition of their dream tour is different hence we also have the concept of customized holiday packages as per your comfort and travel needs.

Benefits of traveling with B2B Hospitality

There are numerous benefits while travelling with B2B Hospitality hence we are leading Indian travel agency. Our travel and tourism industry relationship gives you an edge in terms of personalized service and cost. Through the years we have forged strong and lasting relationships with business partners and key suppliers e.g. – hotels and resorts, local tour guides, transport companies and other government authorities that have generated value for our clients. By choosing B2B hospitality as a travel companion you can take leverage of everything associated with us.

Our India Tour Packages

Since inception we have not limited our operational capabilities, we not only provide India tour packages but also cover complete south Asia for our valuable guests from across the globe. As far as India tour packages are concern you name the destination and we have very competitive package for it. Whether you are coming for personal family holiday, honeymoon tour, cultural tour, Ayurveda tour or corporate tour we have everything for you at B2B hospitality.

Our Team

It’s not the range for India tour packages but it’s our people that set our solutions apart. Coming from a blend of skill, experience and a positive attitude, our team of hospitality and travel consultants is more than ready to assist you with all your travel needs. Our team is fully equipped to cater to all travel requirements. We have a deserved reputation for quality customer support which ensures “once in a lifetime” travel experience for our valuable clients. You can safely expect the best from B2B because that is exactly what you'll get.

We know that choosing India for holiday is a lifetime experience; we want to help you get the most out of it. To know more about us or have a chat with us contact or write us today.