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Mr Kunal Singh (Director Sales & Finance)

"To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don't close a sale, open a relationship."

Kunal Singh

Founder and Director of Sales and Finance division, Mr Kunal Singh is responsible for financial analysis of the company. His training and experience lies in sales and marketing. Expert travel advice and effective business decisions are his core strengths which have led to strong partnerships of B2B Hospitality with various stakeholders. He is a firm believer in business ethics and transparency and focuses strongly on business relations. He is the driving force behind B2B Hospitality’s reputation as one of the leading event planners and Inbound tour operators in India.

Mr Ravinder Prasad (Director Business Development)

"All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust."

Ravinder Prasad

He is the Co –Founder and Director of Business Development division.

As a highly motivated and successful business leader,he understands market competition and keeps himself updated with the current marketing trends. His emphasis is always on customer satisfaction and hence ,works hard to ensure that every client from B2B goes home delighted. Authenticity, unwavering zeal and being a true change agent for the hospitality industry are qualities within him which inspire the staff at B2B hospitality continuously.

Mr Kanishk Karn (Director Operations)

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you."

Kanishk Karn

He is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations division. Always ready to take challenges,he takes care of business operations, vendor management, client communications and customer support. His unending zeal for travel, together with relentless focus and enthusiasm helps to operationalize businesses for customer growth and hassle free travel solutions. Mr Kanishk brings with him an abundance of fresh ideas and energy at B2B Hospitality and helps to foster relationships with all valued clients.

Mr Devender Kumar (Operations Manager)

Devender Kumar

With an industry experience of 7 years, Mr Devender ,is a tourism professional with in -depth knowledge of inbound business. He is the Sales and Operations Manager of Inbound Division. He has administered every facet of inbound travel like individual tours, group tours and specialized segment like Jammu and Kashmir. Being a sincere employee of B2B Hospitality, he looks forward to acquiring repeat clients and capturing new markets for growth of inbound business in the company.

Mr Uma Shanker (Asst. Sales Manager)

Uma Shanker

Mr Uma is a tourism management graduate with an experience of 5 years in Inbound Sales. With a passion for travel and a curiosity to learn, Mr Uma is the quintessential salesperson who has enabled the inbound division at B2B Hospitality to grow at a fast rate. He has all the qualities of a good communicator and his focus remains on enhancing the quality of tours and improving the performance of his team mates.

Mr Ajeet (Sr. Sales Executive)


Operations Executive at B2B Hospitality, Mr Ajeet joined B2B Hospitality a year ago. Though he has just begun his career in the travel sector , he is a quick learner and has adapted easily to give his best to work. He works closely with hotels and other suppliers in providing hassle free services to the customers at all times. In his freetime, Mr Ajeet loves to surf the internet.

Mr Pankaj (Sr. Sales Executive)


Senior sales executive in Inbound division ,Mr Pankaj has excellent knowledge of beach destinations like Goa and Kerala and works closely with Mr Uma Shanker. With an experience of 3.5 years in the tourism industry, Mr Pankaj is a hard working and dedicated professional who has continuously achieved sales targets in the company. He likes to indulge in adventure sports as and when he has spare time.

Ms Archana (Sales Manager)


Ms Archana is a Spanish Language Specialist with expertise in Inbound Sales. An experience of 9 years and a proficiency in selling packages of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Kerala and Rajasthan, Ms Archana is the go- to -person for all special queries in B2B Hospitality. She has successfully established herself as an accomplished salesperson in the company and loves to read travel magazines in her free time.

Ms Sonam Angmo (Sr. Sales Executive/Content Writer)


She is senior sales executive cum travel content writer at B2B Hospitality. Sonam began her career as a sales executive with a leading inbound travel company. She has also worked as a freelance tour leader/guide and led numerous cultural and food trips in Delhi. This has given her exposure to both the field work as well as official work of travel industry. She likes to write blogs and is passionate about travelling.