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Do’s and Don’ts, While Travelling Through INDIA

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India can be a wee bit unnerving for the first-time visitor. The lifestyle and culture is totally different from the West. We've made a list of some important dos and don'ts for hassle-free and enjoyable travel in India.

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  • A proper VISA to enter and stay in India is a must. Practically every foreign national requires VISA to enter India.
  • Travellers should get properly inoculated against Yellow Fever if coming through infected regions.
  • It is advisable to cover yourself with travel insurance for thefts, loss and medi-claim.
  • ‘Namastay’ is a local form of greeting (It involves the joining of your palms). If you are male introduced to a lady or a grown-up girl, don't take the initiative of offering a handshake. The rule of thumb is: the female extends her hand first, and the male reciprocates
  • Use Plenty of Sunscreen and Sun Block lotions, Sunglasses and Hats/ Caps. Have then as a part of you. To save yourself from the strong Indian Sun.
  • Carry proper maps of the places proposed to visit in India. Try to reach a station during daytime if traveling on your own. Always use tourist assistance desk for proper advice.
  • Women traveling alone in certain deserted places should avoid walking at odd hours. Avoid walking through deserted streets and lanes, even if it is a shorter way.
  • Don't ever enter a temple, tomb, dargah or Gurudwara with shoes on and/or scantily dressed. One should cover his/her head with a cloth while in a Gurudwara or Dargah. Parikrama or walking around the sanctum sanctorum should always be in clockwise direction.
  • Do not wear black clothes while visiting a Jain temple. Leather articles are forbidden to be carried in Hindu and Jain temples. Taking photograph of the deity in a temple is normally not permitted.
  • Participating in a social occasion or visiting a home requires conservative dress codes. Always pick up a thing and eat with your right hand. Take only as much as you can eat. As food is respected as means to reach God.
  • Do not point your finger at any person. It is taken as a sign of annoyance.
  • While changing money, and shopping insist on getting encashment certificate and Bills.
  • Do not encourage beggars.
  • Do not checkout of the hotel in hurry. Take your time to check your extras and the billing amount.
  • Keep your cash divided in different pockets. Use hotel safe if keeping your valuables in the room. Don't trust strangers with money. Trust your hotel, but not people you may bump into on the streets.
  • Be careful of cultural and social sensitivities of the regions. There is no single rule for that, the best way is to observe and follow. Politics can be freely discussed in India and most people will have an opinion which they will not mind being contradicted. But avoid discussing religion.
  • Always drink safe packed Drinking water (prefer brands such as Bisleri, Kinley and/or Aquafina) and take well-cooked food, Avoid street foods, and hawkers selling they can be contaminated.
  • Don't buy antiques more than 100 years old. Selling and buying "shahtoosh" shawls is a crime. The same goes for ivory and wildlife products and animals.
  • Buy at genuine shops only. If you are buying from roadside stalls or hawkers, bargain you must, up to 60%.
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  • Don't ever believe in lucrative offers of antique dealers in which they offer you to carry a parcel of some other buyer back home with your own margin described. Entire transaction should be legal and transparent so that you may claim later if dissatisfied.
  • Don't eat anything offered by fellow travellers on train or road travels. DON’T take foods or drinks from unknown people while you are travelling. Always travel reserved class in trains
  • Don't keep anything valuable near the window of Buses and trains, if the window can be opened.
  • Always carry plenty of water, fluids in trains. A lone woman traveller should request to be accommodated near other women travellers.
  • Do not visit places which encourage orthodoxy, social injustice and inhuman practices.
  • Don't photograph women without permission.
Travel Company in India
  • Don't accept offers of visiting anyone's home unless you are confident of the person. If you do go to some ones home for dinner, carry with you a box of sweets or at least a chocolate bar for the kid.
  • Use licensed guides for sightseeing.
  • Always use strong suitcases/baggage, as mishandling is common at airports/stations.
  • The Western practice of a peck on the cheek as a form of greeting a lady or a grown up girl is JUST NOT IN when you are in India.
  • Indian English has its own delights especially to foreigners of English nativity. But still Majority of Indians can understand and speak basic English
  • Many Indians are in the habit of shaking their head in the course of conversation or taking instructions. It may not mean anything, more than just an acknowledgement that you are being heard.
  • Avoid driving in India unless you have been trained on Indian roads.
  • Avoid offers of spiritual salvation and magic remedies from saints, god-men and quacks. There may be some spiritually elevated people in India, but there is no way you can distinguish the genuine ones from the crooks. If you are seriously interested in these aspects of India, take help from someone you know or visit one of the respected spiritual organisations in India.
  • You should aware about the local culture and what they wear to avoid any issues. It is advisable to wear Indian dresses (full sleeve clothes), and/or full body dresses. Avoid dresses such as Halters, Backless, shorts, Mini dresses and off-shoulders, to save you self from any bad issues